Our new place

I am doing a very quick update from my iPhone to show some pics of our new house. We are in the middle of cleaning it but you will get the general idea.


Wow, an Update!

So, it’s been a super long time since I have even thought about writing on this thing. Mostly because I have been crazy busy, but also because even though I am busy, my life isn’t just that interesting. But for those who want to know I will break down what has been going on.


– Sr. High Mission Camp

Highlights- the group we brought was great, we did a lot of good things, and I got to show off my square dancing ability

Lowlight- the group I was in charge of there were mostly good kids, but a little lazy with one troublemaker, I had a lapse of judgment and let that group cut my hair with pruning shears.

Sr. High Church Camp

Highlights-its was fun hanging out with some of the kids, I got to hang out with another great youth director, and I got a glow stick one night

Lowlights-Camp food, for some reason clothing seems to almost be optional for campers, and I fell while I was dancing and twirling my glow stick.

 Jr. High Mission Camp Highlights-Work was great, youth were great, we got to float a river and got to a huge water park, food was great, nighttime worship was awesome

Lowlights-old dorm beds and really low shower stalls

Now School has started, and we had our back to school rally. It was really good, we had a great crowd and a good speaker. There were some fun games, and I have to say my youth totally kicked butt on the games. Not sure why I am proud my youth can eat cow tongue and potted meat the fastest but there you go.

 On the home and family front, it has been wild as well. Westers has turned into a demon at daycare. He will not sit still and has been spitting and talking back. It seems to be getting a little better, and he is spending next week with his Nana so we hope a break and some extra attention helps.

Our landlord called last week and told us he needed his house back due to some financial trouble he was having. We had to find a house to rent pretty quick. I wanted to stay in town, but there was nothing. We found a cute house on a lake about 8 minutes from here and still in the same school district so we took it. It is being cleaned and fixed up a little, and we are moving in as soon as we can.

 MG is happy in 4th grade and his first midterm report was very good. He now has to tuck his shirts in to go to school including t-shirts and he is not very excited about this. Other than that, he is great.

 Now you can see why I haven’t updated. I have no brain left to be clever and funny after my work and family, and besides I am generally a lazy person, so my posts turn out to be a boring and short play by play of my life.

My youth are awesome

Quick post to put up a link to my youth’s Good Friday service. The video quality isn’t the best, but if you are bored take a look. Hit the link and then look for the different Good Friday parts

Here is the link

Random April posting

I wrote a lot of this last Saturday, and just now found time to post it. Today is Tark’s birthday! Yea!! I would post more, but I do not have the time to do someone as -sweet, awesome, nice, great, strong, wicked cool, dorky, loving, and great man of God type-as Tark is justice.

So in-between the busyness I have found some time to write a little. This will be complete randomness, so you have been warned. I am also very tired as I got in last night at 2:00 am after taking youth to a concert.

First off, I am so freaking hungry. I have been on this diet thing for about 7 weeks now and I want nothing more than to devour a loaded pizza or a huge burger. Yet, I know if I did either of those things I would feel horrible afterwards, so this stinks. I mean I eat, and the things I eat taste good, it is just hard. I am thinking it might be time to splurge just a little before someone gets hurt.

I do like the results of the 7 weeks though. I have lost a little over 30 pounds. Of course I was so fat to begin with, I can’t really tell that much, though I am running out of pants that will actually stay on me so I guess that is a good sign.

Work is good, but busy and stressful. This week is Holy week and it is kind of a big deal. The youth do the Good Friday service and we are changing the venue to the stage in our family life center. It has always been in the sanctuary, so now I fear it has to be amazing or people will be mad about the change, because people hate change.

Did I mention that I am starving and it is very hard to be stressed and not be able to pig out a little?

Tark is now running a Christian coffee house. Which is good for him, because it’s something he really wants to do and feels like he is suppose to do, but it does decrease our total salary a little, plus now we have to pay more for insurance. That is a little stressful, but if it is something he thinks he is supposed to do I really have to support him. He has always supported me.

Did I mention that I am starving and the stress makes it harder?

The kids are good; MG is getting to the point where school is getting a little too easy. I think it is time to challenge him more, which is exciting. Westers is getting a handle on the potty thing which is super exciting. Westers is also becoming obsessed with Star Wars. I have no idea why, except that Star Wars is awesome and so is he so I guess it was just meant to be.

Seriously though, I really need a huge cheeseburger.

It’s March and all is well…

It is spring break here so things are really quiet, but I know it’s just the quiet before the storm. I have looked at my schedule for the upcoming months and I think if I can just live through May I should be good. There are still two big trips in June and July, but that is the fun part. Getting ready for them while planning a Good Friday service, a local mission event, having two retreats, and doing relay for life that is the hard part. I think every weekend in May is now officially booked for me. Everything is going well though.

 I am super excited as I got a new car. Well, its not new but it is super nice. It is a 2002, but it only has 16,000 miles on it and it was free, so yea!! I haven’t taken a picture of it yet as today was the first chance I have had and it is nasty weather, but it looks just like this.


 It has leather interior, a GPS system, a six-cd changer, power everything, and seat warmers. I will take actual pictures when we have a nice day.

I have lost about 20 pounds on my diet. I don’t know if you can tell a difference or not. I would take pictures, but it is a rainy day and my hair is having some issues due to that.

MG is obsessed with legos now. Not just the blocks, but the weird little shows you can watch that feature the lego characters. You can find these online. He also really likes playing the games. Isn’t it weird that they have video games that feature characters made of lego blocks? You can play star wars lego or Indiana Jones lego. They freak me out, I don’t know why. I think it has to do with The Brick Testament, which has scarred me for life.

I can’t really say one thing I have given up for Lent. I have done more of a lifestyle change in eating much healthier. I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper or red meat in a month, so that counts right?

 I’ve just felt blah spiritually recently so I am trying to push through that with bible study, prayer, and reading some classic sermons. I think it has a lot to do with how yucky I have felt due to allergies, grumpy people, and hopefully some spiritual growth coming up.

Lately I have just been working, playing with the kids, and watching some tv. More on what I watch later…


Today I am leaving for a youth event. It will last all weekend. I am not sure what to expect from this event as it is a conference event and never learned anything about it expect that we should go. I am all for our youth getting to meet other United Methodist youth so I said sure why not, now I am regretting that a bit.

I am also worried as to what I am going to be able to eat all weekend as I cannot have more than 15grams of fat at one meal. I don’t know if you have ever been to a youth event but food usually consist of lots of cheese, high-fat meat, and not much else. Hopefully there will be at least salad.

As promised

Here is a picture of me in my new glasses. It is the best I could get by myself in the time I had. I do not look happy in the picture, but then I am not happy in glasses even though I can now see.


And to get you to forget about that one, here is a random funny picture of my cute and goofy husband.


I am just not that entertaining…

I have about come to the conclusion that my life is way to boring to blog about and that my creativity has either gone away or is being put to other uses.

 Here are the things that have happened since my last blog:

1. I got glasses that I am suppose to wear all the time, but keep forgetting them at home. I hate the way I look in          glasses, I will post a picture later.

2. My wallet was lost/stolen. I left it in my buggy for a second after putting items from Wal-mart in the car. When I turned around to get it, it was gone. It is my own stupid fault, but someone is really mean. I had to cancel all my cards, including the church cards, file a police report, and now I have to get a new driver’s license and social security card. I also lost $150 and some cute pictures of my kids.

3. I had to take a stray dog to the animal shelter. I hated to do it, but we cannot have another dog and I couldn’t find it any other home.

4. I have gone on a sort of diet. I don’t like to call it a diet, I am just trying to eat much healthier and I am taking this.

5. I have a thought a lot lately about my and my family’s  future. Do I intend to stay where I am for a very 6. long time? Do I ever want to go back from where I came from? Things like that.   I have also thought a lot about Tark’s employment future and wish he would do the same.

Not much has really happened. I am off to a youth event this weekend so wish us safe travels and good times. I will try to be a more entertaining blogger in the future.

Go Away January!!!

It has been a rough month for us. All of us have been sick except Mg. Westers had strep. Tark and I had the stomach bug. We had to get a new washer and today our car wouldn’t start. The car fixed cheaply and one we figured it out easily, but it was a frustrating half a day. Tark is not a happy guy right now. He gets kind of touchy when he is stressed, so I am trying to leave him alone.

So I am going to say goodbye to this loser of a month January by stating ways that I am a loser.

1. I own a lot of t-shirts, quite a few with cartoon or video game characters.

2. My DVR is filled with The Office and Avatar episodes

3. I own two different styles of Mouse ears.

4. On one of my cars you have to roll up the driver side electric window by opening the door and pulling it up with your hand.

5. Our other car makes horrible squeaking sounds when you first turn it on.

6. I own over 10 pairs of pajama pants and at some point this week they were all dirty.

7. I hang out on Friday nights in a coffee shop that is a teenager hangout

8. I watched my DVD of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice so much I had to buy a new one

9. I own all seven Harry Potter books and multiple editions of some

11. I have read lots of fan fiction

12. There are still clothes in my suitcase from my trip to PSYM

13. I love MST3K and have recently discovered Riff Trax and have even bought one.

14. I haven’t called my friend KareBear back even though she call to check up quite frequently….unlike other friends


Let’s just skip to the moral of the story

The moral of the story is when you can’t find a new washing machine for under 1000 in your small town do not send your husband to the local rental store to see how much it cost to rent a washer for a couple of weeks until you can get to a big town to buy one. This is because he will fill out an application even if you have no desire to even rent the machine in the first place. Then the place where you filled out the application will call your references even though you didn’t pick out any items. WTH?

But then your husband will come home and prove himself by fixing your current machine.

oh well…

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